Lovers of Nintendo’s sci-fi action franchise know that Metroid’s female protagonist and a cosmic ecosystem of creatures that nest all over the galaxy were inspired by Ridley Scott’s classic space horror film Alien . A new poster by artist Marinko Milosevski (who we've featured before) honors that thematic connection with a darkly cool image done ina movie poster style. Here’s what Milosevski had to say when I asked him about the piece:

I know Alien inspired the game, and I wanted to start a series of posters that were like theatrical posters so this is the first of those. I also thought it'd be really fun and interesting to portray an older, simpler looking game like Metroid really seriously, which is where the dark tones and everything came from for this. Making the actual image itself was the easy part after thinking up how I wanted it laid out and coming up with the idea. I basically drew the various shapes like the egg and the Metroid and just expanded from there adding highlights to the egg and a light gradient coming out of it to shine under the bottom of the Metroid.

If you want to hang this haunting image up on your wall—maybe next to Milosevski's awesome Legend of Zelda and Metal Gear Solid prints—head on over to his site.