This Company Punishes Employees with Power Rangers Embarrassment

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A recent thread on various tardy penalties for Japanese companies turned up this jewel: At Japanese IT company ValuePress, employees who are late must dress up in a full body, Power Ranger (née Super Sentai) type outfit.

According to the company, those who are late must cosplay in this "embarrassingly amusing penalty." By "penalty", this company surely means "privilege".

The outfit must be worn all day and is meted out to those employees who are late five times in one month. Apparently, every six months, there are around three employees who get to wear must wear the Power Rangers outfit.


ValuePress' punishment was actually used as a recruiting tool—to show how different the company was from the country's traditional workplaces. The photographer in the above picture is documenting the cosplay punishment for a Japanese magazine.

The company starting doing this a few years back, but Japanese websites are now rediscovering the Power Rangers privilege—I mean, penalty.

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I dunno. Cool as any geek employee might feel, in the humid hot, awful mushi-atsui Japanese summer, that suit must be a nightmare.