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This Classic RPG Series Revels In Its Hair Metal Roots

In 1987 Japanese developer Falcom released a role-playing game so metal it needed its own in-house band to create the soundtrack. This February XSEED celebrates with the Ys I & II Chronicles Hair Metal Pack for the PSP.


Ys I & II Chronicles is a re-imagining of the first two games in the oft-mispronounced Ys series featuring redrawn artwork and a remastered musical score while preserving the games' bump-to-battle action RPG gameplay.

When the original game was released back in 1987, Falcom's in-house band The jdk Band let their hair down to create one of the most rocking soundtracks of the time. Celebrating this gloriously over-the-top music, XSEED is making every launch copy of the compilation a Hair Metal Pack, with a soundtrack CD containing more than 20 tracks from both games included in the package.


Don't make fun of the accompanying video; we all thought we looked that awesome in the 80s.

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So, how is it pronounced? I've been calling it "Whys / Wise" this whole time, but I take it that's wrong?