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This changes everything. The 'Toy Box' is one of my favorite new features in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, and once it's implemented, it'll free up so much bag space. Similarly to mounts, it'll be a collection tab for all the non-combat vanity items, and we'll no longer have to keep them in our inventory.


pic via earzat01 [r/wow]

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As a former GM I wonder if they're smart enough to implement a system that, upon first login of a Character once this goes life, checks all Quests that would hand out such Items and if completed automatically adds it to the Box regardless of still in possession or not.

Otherwise I can already see Ticket Queues beyond good and evil because of angry Players wanting the items they destroyed long ago because of space reasons.

If not I at least predict that, like when I was still working with them, there will be a GM that does some coding that handles this kind of stuff... Just not in the first week or so where it would be needed most xD