This Cat Should Be The Final Boss In Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Previously, we took a look at the bosses in Revengeance and deemed them awesome. None of the real bosses, however, match the power, flexibility, and feline dexterity of this here cat—which manages to deftly evade Raiden's best attempts to destroy it. And then it has the audacity to taunt Raiden with its "meows."

I'm onto you, cat. You don't fool me. You're the true final boss in this game.

Thanks for this amazing video, HyperBitHero.

Raiden's Greatest Adversary [HyperBitHero via Destructoid]

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SlinkyGuy and his Evil Legion of Rainbow Pointers!

Well of course they're not going to let you kill a cat in a videogame.

I have yet to find a videogame that does but if one exists, then shame on them.