Mark Waid says he's "reached a point." A point where he no longer needs his comics collection. He's got 150 longboxes of comics. He's done with them.

He wants to sell every single comic.

And he'll use the proceeds to finance the creation of a new line of digital comics.


Mark Waid is a fantastic comic book writer. His current Daredevil series is one of the smartest, most enjoyable super-hero comics currently published. And I love that he's fired up to make comics that are designed to be read on tablets and computers, with all the layout possibilities that enables.

But I'm amazed that he's chucking an incredible collection of comics to make his digital comics effort happen.

He's getting rid of some really rare stuff.

Comics you and I don't have.

Really rare stuff!

Even Jerry Lewis and Bob Hope comics.

Waid thinks of it as a 45-year catch-and-release program. He's enjoyed the comics and now wants to send them back in the wild.

If this is what it takes to finance some new digital comics, go for it, Mark Waid. You are one of the bravest men I've ever had the privilege of writing about. I can't even part with my five longboxes of comics! (Unless I can convert them easily to digital files... then I'd recycle most of them in a heartbeat.)

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BlastOff Comics [This is the site where you can buy comics from Waid's collection.]

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