This Bizarre Video Game Takes Place Inside Someone Else's Head

Since late last year, Hong Kong artist Alan Kwan has walked around with a small camera attached to his glasses, recording almost everything he does. Every night, when he gets home, he uploads the footage and transfers it into small "cubes", which are dropped into Bad Trip, a "video game" he's working on which allows people to "navigate and experience my memories and dreams".



You can see footage of the experiment in action above. The way he's stored the "data", and the ways it's accessible to the players, are more complex than they first appear. His "secret" memories are stored in flying houses, which the player normally wouldn't be able to reach. But if you climb to a high vantage point, while still being unable to get into them, you could hear the whispers of them as they floated past.

Interview: Alan Kwan's interactive mementos and immersive trips [GameScenes, via Prosthetic Knowledge]

Bad Trip: Navigate My Mind [Vimeo]



I think the concept is good, but the execution needs more focus than simply letting the player explore aimlessly. There's no structure, as there would be in somebody's mind.