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This Beautiful Blocky Building Toy is Going Global

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I've been lusting after Boldai's Blocksworld for months, eagerly seeking a sign that the colorfully creative Scandinavian toybox for the iPad would be making its way stateside. Now those coveters of all things creative at Linden Lab have acquired Blocksworld, with the intention of spreading its joy to all the good little boys and girls of the world.

I would hug Linden Lab for this, but considering they have access to years of my Second Life chat logs they'd probably not hug me back and things would get all awkward. Instead I'll simple send a virtual salute in the direction of Rod Humble, company CEO and the man responsible for making LL less about unicorn sex and more about celebrating creativity through applications like Creatorverse and Patterns.


Blocksworld might not be a game, but it's a tool with which you could build a game, if such was your desire. Likewise you could build a walking robot, an army of wobbling men, cars and planes that often crash and just about anything else you can put together out of a handful of pieces and a headful of dreams.


If you're in Sweden or the vicinity and have a spare 28,00 KR in your pocket, I highly recommend giving Blocksworld a go.

I shall wait, as I have been waiting, only without all of the anxiety.