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This Baldur's Gate Teaser Sure Takes Its Time To Tell Us Not Much [Update]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Following up on last night's Baldur's Gate website tease, today a YouTube user named Beamdogger has uploaded a teaser trailer for...something, featuring voice clips from both Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II and the world's longest logo reveal. Update: Looks like it's fake.

Beamdogger refers to the digital distribution platform / independent studio Beamdog, run by former BioWare developer and owner Trent Oster. Oster has be coyly tweeting about the website for several days now, playfully teasing those trying to solve the mystery behind the renewed activity.


What does the teaser mean? It seems to indicate that whatever the project is it encompasses more than the first game. Beyond that, it indicates that whoever they've got making teaser trailers went a little slow on the logo forming.

I will say on thing, if this winds up just being an announcement of Baldur's Gate showing up for sale on Beamdog, I'm setting the building on fire.


Update: Trent Oster commented on the video via his YouTube account: "I like the video concept, whoever put this together, it looks pretty. We'd probably have plastered logos all over it all corporate-like."

Baldur's Gate Teaser [YouTube - Thanks, Karl!]