This Bad Game Had a Bad Commercial

You love it, you know it, it's crap. The Cheetahmen appeared on the dreadful Action 52 cartridge, and it was supposed to be like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It wasn't.


Above is a commercial with all three of the Cheetahmen—Hercules, Aries, and Apollo—that supposedly aired on television.

While the game is bad, its music developed a cult following in Japan.


Action 52 commercial [GoNintendo via GSW]

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They actually developed an unreleased action figure line and an unreleased cheetahman 2 game. I remember action 52, the $200.00 NES cart. If i remember correctly almost all the games were broken and completely unplayable. Half of the games weren't finished and they released it anyway. You'd be playing a level and the game would just stop because it was never programmed to go any further.