This Awesome Game Will Sing You A Song and Get You Drunk

It sure has been a banner week for drinking games here at Kotaku! Well… actually I've only posted one other drinking game, but still, two in one week feels somehow indulgent.


You may have heard of musician/inventor/super-genius Ali Spagnola over on our sister site Gizmodo, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't hear about her again. She's put together something she calls The Power Hour Album, which uses a USB shot-glass and an album of her music to get you drunk in the simplest, most directly enjoyable way possible.

You have heard of a "power hour" in drinking, yeah? Each minute of one hour, everyone does one shot of beer. It's a way to pace out your intake while slowly getting yourself super drunk. Spagnola's amazing idea was to record an album containing 60 one-minute songs to accompany you on your hour-long road to inebriation.

The album is being sold in part to offset legal costs that Spagnola has incurred in a battle with another guy who claims that he owns the rights to the term "power hour." And, while I can't speak to the strength of his legal argument, that seems like the work of some villain. Who would do such a thing? Let this amazing thing exist!

She explains the setup in the video above—the shot glass itself comes with a built-in USB minidrive that contains her The Power Hour Album. It's one-stop shopping folks—you get music and the shot glass; all you have to supply is the beer! Well, and the motivation to actually drink that much.

Ali Spagnola's Power Hour Album [Official Site]



3 things:

1. my friends and i used to do power hours with grain alcohol. bad idea. it's more like power 5 minutes.

2. she gets hotter the more she talks

3. a plateau of awesome