This Appears To Be A New Mercenaries Game

According to game site Bitmob, this trailer for Mercenaries Inc., a multiplayer entry in the Mercenaries franchise is a few months old, but real.


The game has not been announced and is apparently being prepped at EA's Los Angeles studio. Mercenaries was previously developed by Pandemic Studios. There is no longer any Pandemic Studios. About two dozen or so former Pandemic developers, Bitmob reports, are working on the project at EA LA.

Mercs Inc. looks to be a "multiplayer sandbox game" — no word whether or not it has a single player campaign.


Leaked Video: Multiplayer Mercenaries Sequel [Bitmob]

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Mercenaries 2 was buggier than buggy could be. I had huge respect for Pandemic until they banned my Pandemic forums account for posting about the bug I (and many others) experienced. Hooray, go Pandemic.

I bought my first XBox for Mercenaries. It's really sad to see such a great series/company go down the toilet so effectively and quickly.