This Animated Zelda Cake Is The Most Impressive Thing You'll See Today

Holy crap. Kotaku reader Will Turnbow and his wife made this cake for their daughter's tenth birthday, and I think it's no exaggeration to say this is the coolest thing you'll see today.

Based on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the cake includes Skyloft, the Sealed Grounds, the Faron Woods, and a ton of characters and other intricate details from the game.

"The Temple entrance is 6 batches of Rice Krispies and the backside of the temple is 9 cakes stacked as high as we could make it," Turnbow writes on his YouTube video's description. "The small tower on either side are styrofoam wrapped with fondant. My wife made and painted all of the characters out of clay except for Link (I was able to use my Figma Link)."


Insanity. Nice work, Mr. and Mrs. Turnbow.

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Remember the days when Kotaku was like, literally 80% game cake posts?

WHAT HAPPENED, KOTAKU? I blame Totilo and his love of pie. At least, I assume he prefers pie, because Kotaku is clearly anti-cake now, except for Schreier. Hold that cake flag high, Schreier - represent the cake minority!