This Almost Makes Up for Europe Waiting Over a Year for Persona 4 Arena

Japan was playing the Persona fighting game in March of 2012. In North America we got our chance in August. Europe has to wait until May 10, but if they preorder at Game they'll score this awesome 12-inch vinyl copy of the arrange soundtrack for their troubles. Man, I would have totally waited until May for a chance at one of these.

No I wouldn't. In fact, writing this has made me want to play a little more later today, but were I European I wouldn't feel bad at all, given this Game-exclusive gift.


Okay, I would be completely upset, but that's the problem with living in a region with all of the languages. Persona 4 Arena's story mode is more than a dozen hours long, and 98 percent of that is text.

What I am saying is pick a language, you guys. It doesn't have to be English. I hear German is nice. It'll take a little learning, but you'll get your preorder goodies so much faster.

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