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Third Eye Blind Re-Records For Rock Band

Illustration for article titled Third Eye Blind Re-Records For Rock Band

The band that no one could escape in the late 90's is coming to Rock Band, with Third Eye Blind's drummer Brad Hargreaves tweeting about re-recording "old hits" for Harmonix's rhythm game.


Step back from that ledge, Third Eye Blind fans! According to the band's drummer, six of the band's older songs are heading to the Rock Band Music Store, having been freshly recorded during a session in San Francisco over the weekend.

Now in SF recording songs for Rock Band video game....Just blasted out 6 of the old hits for Rock Band. Flying back to LA for Year Long Disaster pre production. Should sleep well tonight.


Good news for fans! Not one myself, but I do find their music terribly catchy. Definitely good music to get stuck in your head, as many of you are just now finding out.

Thanks Evil TGB for pointing this out!

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Finally! I used to love jamming out to them back in high school (I'm 28). Yikes~

They fell off the radar for me when their second album dropped (same with Matchbox 20). Amazing debut albums but forgettable sophomores.

Still waiting for some Our Lady Peace and other bands from my high school era.