To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Tim Tams, Mmmmm Tim Tams

No, not really. While I'm intrigued by the idea of an e-reader that will do other things, I'm highly suspicious that Apple's rumored tablet will be very pricey. Also, every time I buy an Apple product god kills a kitten.


Well, maybe god just maims the kitten. But the bigger these gotta-have-it devices from Apple get the closer they get me to buying one of their laptops. And that will never happen. I want and need to retain my status as a PC gamer, thank you very much.

The truly horrible thing is that despite loving my PC gamer status, the gadget-loving early adopter in me can't help but get sucked into the hoopla surrounding the launch of the Apple tablet. The only difference between me and legions of Apple fan boys is that I get just as sucked in to hoopla surrounding the launch of just about anything small, electronic and interactive. Want proof? I own a Pong Clock, I have a Chumby sitting on my night stand and the Mimo on my desk doesn't just not work, it manages to both not work AND slow down my pc.

I'm a mess. And yes, I'll be glued to Kotaku hitting refresh with the rest of you as McWhertor liveblogs from the Apple event... all the while hating myself.

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