Things That Should Exist: Minecraft Legos

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People love building real-world things in Minecraft. Buildings, works of art, board games, starships. (Okay, those aren't real. Yet.) However, there's a distressing lack of ways to build Minecraft things in the real world. One brilliant solution gets floated here and it's such a patently obvious idea that you'll howl at the fact that such a thing does not already exist.


Minecraft—like many a successful video game franchise before it—clearly got much of its essence from the creativity first sparked by Legos. With the way that adult Lego enthusiasts help sustain the popularity, I think there'd be enough interest for the Leg powers-that-be to at least do these proposed sets as limited-editions. Then, maybe we could get a Lego Minecraft game built by a team-up of Mojang and Travelers' Tales folks. Hey, if we're going to dream , let's DREAM, dammit.

[Lego Cuusoo, via Reddit Gaming]

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i dont really know how this would work. legos and minecraft work in fundamentally different ways. you cant piece together blocks in legos like you would in minecraft.

now if you are just talking about a Minecraft themed lego set, they could do that. however it would be fairly redundant since last i checked lego had generic fantasy themed blocks. but they could do it easily if they wanted to. just throw in some generic fantasy blocks add some creepers and call it Minecraft.