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Two young men in Yueqing, Zhejiang Province China, were taken in by police earlier last week for pick-pocketing. The two young men in question, Xiao Pan and Xiao Bing, are only 17 and 14 years-old respectively.

Xiao Pan had ran away from home and had been living on the streets for a while, surviving by stealing bags and pick-pocketing, police said. Xiao Bing, originally from Anhui province, also ran away from home, and met Xiao Pan in Yueqing. There, Xiao Pan took Xiao Bing under his wing.


The two could not find jobs as Xiao Bing was only a minor, so they resorted to stealing. According to police, Xiao Pan and Xiao Bing would sleep at internet cafes, which often run 24 hours. They would sleep in the internet cafe because purchasing an hour of time was cheaper than paying for a hotel room.

According to Yueqing police, the duo's MO was hitting unlocked cars and tricycles for valuables and spare change and sleeping at the internet cafe at night. On the night of March 12, the two were apprehended heading into an internet cafe with 55RMB ($8.65) in hand.

Xiao Pan is charged with two counts of theft, and one count of drug possession. Xiao Bin on the other hand was not charged, but still remains in police custody because he is a minor.

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