Most stories coming out of Double Fine are the type to make you smile, but here's one to make you shake your fist like a cranky old-timer.


Last month, thieves broke into the studio, and amongst the stuff they stole were some...duffel bags.


It's resulted in a raft of security improvements, including wooden golf club patrols, giant owl stickers and foot-slicing axe traps.

OK, so maybe those aren't real countermeasures, but if any studio was actually going to use a giant owl sticker as part of an elaborate anti-crime puzzle, I'd like to think it would be Double-Fine.

PS - the burglary stuff is at the start of this vid, but stick around, because the rest of it is about some of the games from Amnesia Fortnight 2014.

Amnesia Fortnight 2014 // Day 7 [YouTube]

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