Shou Satou apparently likes women's shoes. A lot. According to Japanese news reports, the 28 year-old was arrested and over 450 high heels were found in his possession. That's quite a feat.

Allegedly, Satou stole the shoes, which belonged to hostesses, from night clubs and bars in the greater Tokyo area. Kyoto News said that 458 shoes were seized in a "net cafe booth" Satou was apparently using. However, Yomiuri and NHK call it a "rental room."


Yomiuri reports that last November, Satou was apparently caught on a security camera breaking into a Tokyo hostess club's locker room, making off with 14 pairs of shoes as well as cosmetics to boot. The club was not opened at the time.

"The changing rooms of high class hostess clubs were like a treasure box," said Satou, who confessed to other high-heeled crimes. I believe he is the sole suspect.

ハイヒール泥棒、400足押収 「盗むことに喜び感じた」[Kyodo News]

ハイヒール450足盗んだか 男を逮捕 [NHK]


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