Thief Has An Old-School Homage Mission. Which Is DLC. Sigh.

Hey, here's where there should be some good news! The upcoming Thief game, which already has people a little worried, thought it was doing the right thing by including a mission that was a straight homage to Thief II's bank heist. Which it immediately spoils by making it pre-order DLC.

I've said before how awful pre-order DLC is, but normally it's limited to fluff like alternate outfits. Cutting off access to a mission, one designed to appeal to old-school fans at that, is just about the worst.


Sometimes you completely forget Square Enix, of all companies, owns Eidos. Then days like this make you remember.

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Preodering helps make sure we still get hard copies of our game and gives something nice back to people who believe in a series enough to want it day one. I don't think that's so bad.