Thief 4 Revealed Next Week

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According to a teasing ad in the latest issue of Edge Magazine, it looks like Eidos Montreal might finally be ready to officially announce Thief 4 next Monday.

Eidos Montreal hasn't been very good at keeping secrets. having revealed last year that their next "AAA" title after Deus Ex 3 was a game from an established franchise that began with the letter "T". Now an advertisement in the latest issue of Edge Magazine teases the studio's next project being announced on May 11th, listing accolades such as Gamespy's "Hall of Fame" and Gamespot's "Greatest Games of All Time" and "Ten Best Heroes in Gaming." Inquisitive Gamespot forum goers did some searching, and determined that only one series fit all three bills - Thief.


There really is only one game they could be announcing, but we're going to leave this as a rumor until we receive any sort of official collaboration. We've contacted Eidos Montreal for comment, only to receive a not-unexpected no comment response.

Thanks for your interest, but unfortunately for now you will have to wait on the 11th of May.

Stay tuned next week for the official announcement. You might want to start practicing your surprised look in the mirror.

Eidos Montreal heading for May 11 announcement [VG247]

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So, who's going to start the "LOLZ BELTS AND ZIPPERS" bullshit? This is a Square Enix game now, after all, eh?

I remember playing the original Thief way back in the day, but I haven't played any of the other ones. If this is on consoles I'll give it a try though.