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They've Narrowed Gamers Down to Eight Fundamental Types. Which Are You?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Over the years countless researchers and marketeers have sought to split the ever-growing gaming population of the world into easy-to-understand categories. This latest attempt, crafted by predicative gaming analytics company Playnomics, makes more sense than many of those, narrowing us all down to eight gamer archetypes. Which are you?

Playnomics is teaming up with global brand strategy firm Naked Communications' Naked Play division to help the big brands of the world gamify their products, which is an excellent motivator for some seriously in-depth analysis of the way the population of the world plays.


Playnomics studied how we pursue pleasure, how we solve problems and our overall social tendencies, placed them all on a very fancy graph, and from there broke it all down to eight gamer types — Scientists, Habitualists, Soloists, Strategists, Competitors, Collectors, Socialites and Politicians.

Where do you fall in this grand marketing scheme? I think I've fallen into all eight categories at one time or another, depending on my mood, the weather or pure whimsy. I play what I want, when I want (for the most part), and I dare science to predict my actions like I am some flock of migrating birds.


Also, I want to be a flock of migrating birds.