Not only is this nine-month-old infant attempting to play Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning on his father's computer, he also gets incredibly annoyed when his session is interrupted. This is how it starts.

Yes, I found another excuse to post a video of one of my children, but it does speak of the allure of the mouse, keyboard and monitor. Those colorful images, the oh-so-clickable keys; it's almost a natural instinct at this point to reach out and touch them, just to see what happens.


Meanwhile the Xbox 360 controller on the floor by the couch just gets drooled on. Not that I'm dismissing the gamepad; I'm just saying it's not as intuitive a tool as fingers dancing across the keys.

Note that since this lovely father and son bonding moment I've been unable to allow Seamus here anywhere near my computer desk. He goes absolutely bonkers, scrabbling in my arms, twisting about, trying to reclaim his former glory.

He'll make an amazing gaming freak-out video one day.

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