They're Just Trademarking the Hell Out of Everything in Skyrim

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If you've got any Dragonborn T-shirts, bumper stickers or other crap up on Cafe Press or Etsy, now might be the time to hold a clearance sale. ZeniMax Media just submitted a trademark application for that term, joining the recent filing it made for "Fus Ro Dah," presumably for the same purposes.


They're not screwing around, folks. Also, earlier this week, the maker of "Dragon Shout for Skyrim," a map annotation application for iOS devices said he received a copyright infringement notice. His app has not yet been removed from the iTunes store but it has now slashed its prices to the super low price of "free," now that the server costs for the game's social features have been paid.


Can't wait until "arrow to the knee" gets trademarked.

ZeniMax files trademark for Dragonborn [Fusible]

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So all you guys that are mad would be completely fine if some one took a piece of your work and was making a profit from selling it? I agree with them trademarking this.