Of all the new figures Toys for Bob introduced in Skylanders Giants, there is one I desire above all others. She's a ninja. She's a djinn. She's Ninjini, and Activision is giving her away free at the Times Square Toys'R'Us on Tuesday, the jerks.

Celebrating Toy Fair 2013 and the overwhelming success of the Skylanders franchise, Activision and Toys'R'Us are hosting a special event at the flagship retail location on February 5, during which the first fans to line up will get a chance to score Ninjini for free before she officially goes on sale. Giveaways start at 4pm, eBay auctions should be posted shortly thereafter.


Along with the giveaway there'll be Skylanders characters to meet, complimenting Times Square's already substantial collection of people wandering around dressed as children's entertainment icons, only you probably won't have to pay these folks for a picture. The store will also have Skylanders Giants starter packs for $25 off and a buy two, get one free deal on figures all day long.

Sometimes I get the feeling that Activision is taunting me with these events, but that's just because they are.

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