They Want $65,000 To Make An Old-School Point-And-Click Adventure

Some people say that the only real purpose of Kickstarter is to rejuvenate old genres. I have no problem with this. Especially if it leads to cool projects like Mage's Initiation.

Mage's Initiation, a new Kickstarter project designed in the vein of old Sierra point-and-click adventures like Quest for Glory and King's Quest, looks really interesting so far. The folks behind the project, who are also responsible for remakes of King's Quest I and Quest for Glory II, among others, want $65,000 to make an original new point-n-click adventure.


From their Kickstarter:

Mage's Initiation is a Role-Playing / Adventure Game hybrid, very similar in style and execution to Sierra On-Line's classic Point-&-Click Quest for Glory and King's Quest series. It maintains all the charm of classic and timeless adventure games of yesteryear while adding 21st century innovation to the mix—like multiple game interfaces, and a free-range magical combat system!

We're all very big fans of the adventure genre here at Himalaya Studios, and we feel that Sierra's games really hit their peak in the early 90s. We're working hard to provide a nostalgic experience, reminiscent of that golden era of 2D Sierra adventures circa 1993-1994.

Mage's Initiation has a medieval / fantasy setting and it features multiple playable character classes, spell-casting, and an open-field magical combat system, complete with equippable items and monster loot drops!

What do you think? Worth $65,000?



People used to love KickStarter and defend it, what has happened?