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SteamedSteamedSteamed is dedicated to all things in and around Valve’s PC gaming service.

They Are Billions, the tower defense-RTS hybrid that took Steam by storm last year, is now out of early access. The 1.0 update, free to all who previously purchased the game, adds a long-awaited (if, so far, divisive) campaign and new survival mode maps. It also includes a host of bug fixes and addresses stability issues.


Kotaku senior reporter. Beats: Twitch, streaming, PC gaming. Writing a book about streamers tentatively titled "STREAMERS" to be published by Atria/Simon & Schuster in the future.

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shit fuck. I’m the kinda gamer that plays maybe 30 mins a day, but every now and then the first 2 mass effects, fallout 3, earthbound, stardew valley and they are billions comes along and i am playing 10 hours a day every day for a month.
fuckballs. i’d stay up all night playing this update but my wife is having trouble sleeping lately and i don’t wanna screw it i’m calling out of work tomorrow.