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These Weather Girls Do More than Make Weather Fun

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Taiwan's Weather Girls are have their sights set on Japan—not to make the weather "more fun" (they've already done that, apparently!) Rather, they hope to make it as popstars.

Weather Girls originally debuted in August 2010 and were the brainchild of Next Media, the Taiwanese TV network famous for creating Sims-like news recreations. They didn't sing, but appeared in weather clips. Meteorologists, they weren't! As Weather Girl NueNue told Kotaku in 2011, "I guess we all learn about it a bit in school right? Though I still don't know too much about weather forecasting."


What they did know about was donning various outfits as the weather was presented. The group launched English versions and Japanese versions of their weather clips; however, now a handful of the Weather Girls are rebranding themselves as popstars and making their Japanese language singing debut this October with record label Pony Canyon. Weather Girls will be the first Taiwanese pop group to debut in Japan.


"I think that Japanese people will be able to enjoy the Weather Girls, who have been born out of Taiwanese culture where so many creators have been influenced by Japanese culture, like games and anime," a Pony Canyon rep told Japan Real Time. "On top of that, a performance that involves dancing while announcing the weather is fresh and interesting, so the girls have individuality." And hey, if their singing stinks, at least you'll know tomorrow's weather, right?

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