The recently-released Sniper Elite V2 is, for want of a more in-depth review, a pretty lacklustre third-person stealth/action game punctuated by moments of extreme excitement.

Those are the times you actually get to do some proper sniping. And, as you can see in this video (be sure to click the "HD" button first to see it as nature intended), they're also some of the most excruciatingly uncomfortable killings you've ever seen in a game so otherwise serious in tone.


They're so extreme, so celebrated (that's real-time damage being shown, not a cutscene) that they can, as they did for me, quickly turn comedic. Which probably makes it even worse. Unless that doesn't bother you, in which case, this might well be the game for you.

WARNING: This is pretty graphic stuff. Don't watch if you're at work or there are kids around.

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