These Squishy Nintendo Controllers Were Meant for Hugging

Haven't you always wanted to cozy up with an NES? Okay, well, maybe not so much. They do have a lot of sharp edges, and do you even know where that controller has been? I swear I saw the dog licking it yesterday, and then your little brother—

Well. Over at her shop Felt Sew Good, crafter Lucy Sparrow has made a whole line of retro gaming cushions that you can—nay, should—curl up with. It's like the 1980s, reincarnated in pillow form. The original Game Boy, the NES, the SNES... they're all here, soft, cuddly, and quite a bit larger than life. There's even a ZX Spectrum, if you're feeling particularly old-school.


Classic Nintendo Cushions Keep Gamers Comfy and Cozy [Technabob, via tumblr]


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