This week I decided to catch up on Studio Trigger’s newest anime, Ninja Slayer. And I had more fun with these official Ninja Slayer Unity games than I have watching the anime so far.

These two games, Hurry! Ninja Slayer! and Let’s Run Away Leopard, are found on the official website for the Ninja Slayer light novels. (The anime is an adaptation of the first four of these.)

Hurry! Ninja Slayer! is a short 16-bit style platformer made for speed running. As Ninja Slayer, you race across the level to save your cyberpunk partner Nancy Lee—defeating yakuza clones and ninjas while eating any sushi you find for a speed boost.

The controls are simple: left and right arrows to move and “Z” to jump. Can you beat my time of 3:24:66? (The answer is “yes.” My time is far from impressive.)

Let’s Run Away Leopard, on the other hand, is a runner-style game where you play not as Ninja Slayer, but as one of the many ninjas he kills. Your goal is simple: Run away from Ninja Slayer for as long as you can. Hitting obstacles increases your score, but slows you down—except in the case of people. In other words, try to hit as many people as you can while at the same time dodging all other objects.


To run, you continuously tap “Z” or “J.” Holding “Z” or “J” and then releasing causes you to jump. To dodge obstacles, you can use the mouse, the arrow keys, or “A” and “D.” (Regardless of the controls you use, be sure to center your mouse before playing or you will find your character drifting to one side or the other.) Your score to beat on this one is 1819.2—which I have no doubt will be easily beaten by anyone who can get through that hellish sewer level.

Honestly, both of these games are surprisingly fun time killers. So if you have a few minutes to spare, go ahead and trounce my scores.

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