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These Postcards Are Lousy With Midichlorians

Illustration for article titled These Postcards Are Lousy With Midichlorians

I found these eight postcards at Lucas Arts's E3 backstage meeting room, a place that was also home to a tiny museum and playable copy of Kinect Star Wars.



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I dont see Science as destroying mysticism.

People just dont get it. Science can only tell you how something works.

IT CAN NEVER explain the mystery of how it exists in the first place.

Everything that science answers only creates 100 more questions.

Space doesn't end. And there is always a smaller part of any molecule, atom,

that makes up those things. It just takes us a long time to be able to develop the tech

to see that deep.

Midichlorions just are the terms they used to talk about aspects of the force affecting your physical body with totally makes sense to me. Its just words the jedi used to talk about it.

It didn't lessen the mystery of the force or life for that matter, it only showed me that

our lives with all our medicine and science are just as much a mystery as every sci-fi fantasy.

And it is. What the hell are we? And why are we here?