These People Played Starhawk, and They Liked It

Sony has posted a new video for Lightbox Interactive's upcoming Shooter/Builder/Flyer/Strategy hybrid Starhawk, which shows some serious building', shooting' action, as well as the excited reactions of a bunch of Comic Con attendees who got to play the game.


Surprise: they liked it! Much like our own Brian Crecente, who had a chance to play the game and calls it a "blending of action and strategy, of shooting and building," and that said blend is "wonderful, slick, seamless and more than a little fun."


Yes. I will play this game. At PAX, actually, where Lightbox will be debuting some new levels. Hey this weekend: hurry up and get here already.

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The more I see, the more I like. Big fan of Warhawk on PSOne, but passed on the PS3 iteration. Always regretted it, but I plan to make amends by jumping into Starhawk on day one.