These PC Games Love It When You Talk To Them

While controlling shooters on the PC is made easier by the precision of the mouse, that's not enough for some people. Some people want it even easier than that. For them, there is the Dragon Gaming Speech Pack.

It's a piece of software that allows people to issue commands to supported games using their voice, the theory being that by replacing keyboard shortcuts and certain button presses with voice control you'll save both time and effort.


That's the theory, at any rate; the clip below makes the whole thing look both confusing and tedious.

The Dragon Gaming Speech Pack supports games like Mass Effect 2, World of Warcraft, Modern Warfare 2 and Starcraft 2, though strangely, anyone buying the pack for $75 won't get universal support, as they can only select three games to receive speech recognition.


Hope you're so lazy that you don't play more than three games!

[via Big Download]

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