These Might be the Most Sexist Gamers on the Planet

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Get some popcorn and/or a cup of tea. This is some good late night reading.

So there's this online community called the Men Going Their Own Way Forums. Calling themselves "the Internet's biggest and best Men's forum", it's actually a place where disgruntled, repressed men can go and bitch about women.


While their rants on divorce, sex and politics are amusing, it's their thoughts on women in video games that have us pulling up chairs and settling in.

In a thread entitled "WTF is with empowered women in video games now?", user I Am kicks things off with a complaint about one of my favourite games of 2011, PC strategy title Shogun 2.

"I recently bought an upgrade for the game the other day and guess what one of the strongest military units was?", he ponders. "Nuns. I shit you not.

The nuns had an attack 20% -40% higher than most units in the game. Somehow I doubt that in real life a nun would have swung a sword or used a spear faster and harder than a feudal warlord, and this game was based on history.

I think I have the right to ask steam and other gaming companes: WTF with the subliminal brainwashing? What now when I buy or play a game women will be doing all the ass kicking? I seen some similiar patterns on the game advertisements on television and the internet recently and want to know if anyone else is seeing the pattern?

I call bullshit on this subject. Video games are the last place for guys to hang out and now women are taking over. Why not just save us the trouble and instead of eliminating our fantasy world just throw us in work camp to provide for thier bastard children (literally speaking) while they shit all over us...wait they already do that.


End of rant."

End of his rant, maybe. But it's just the beginning of everyone else's. Below you'll find just a sample of other member's thoughts on those damn women invading that last great bastion of male entertainment.

I've noticed this too, and it drives me insane. Was co-oping Gears 3 last month and there's a point where 2nd player has to take over a female character. Almost ruined the game for me. It may seem minor, but once you're aware of this type of brainwashing it's impossible to ignore. There's no way a slim female could keep up with the massive battle-hardened male Gears in that kind of environment. They would be a liability as they are in real life combat.

It would be hilarious to portray the female characters realistically. If you chose the female character in your FPS she would have to move very slowly, dragging the gun around. You could build in some extra shake to the crosshairs to represent hopeless accuracy. Every time you needed to reload your gun, instead of just pressing a button, you'd have to find a male character and go through some flirting dialogue options to persuade him to do it for you. One out of every four missions the game would tell you that you were sitting out this one due to 'women's issues'.

Many dweebs who play video games, being passive followers, see themselves as women, and therefore unconsciously identify with symbols of female power. This phenomenon has its source in *geeks* who haven't developed a masculine identity, not feminazis.

15 years ago, when video games were simple 2D arrangements of polygons, women wanted nothing to do with them. Like everything else, women wait until men build the foundation and then they usurp it.

Yeah I wish they would beef up the females so it would be believable that they could tote around a huge ass gun and keep up with their male counterparts. But like you said in your edit, the issue of "eyecandy" for men is what makes it un-realistic.


Keep on truckin', fellas.

The original creator of the thread in question has now, in response to the internet noticing the group's combined efforts, posted a follow-up, in which he writes:

Obviously I said something inspiring for some and offensive for others otherwise the ratings would not be so high.

To those inspired: Good. This forum is "Basic Introduction to Reality 101" brought to you by "The Red Pill." Enjoy your trip down the rabbit hole. Just don't step in the feminist bullshit on your way there.

To those that are offended: Good. I am glad you are thinking for once... just don't hurt yourself. It is an opinion article, get over it and get back to feeding your cat.


His final word?

The thread was about how unrealistically women are increasing portrayed in video games and the media. Period. That is all. Don't take it as hate speach, bigotry, or sexism. It's not.

Nuns and girls, with the exception of some lesbians in the county prison, cannot kick anyone's ass unless a desperate mangina/white knight who is trying to get laid does it on their behalf. Don't hate nature over it.


What a wonderful world we live in.

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Woman here~

While I may not agree with the thread in question, (well I agree with some points) I agree with the "Men do have less rights to an extent" in certain things.

My best friend got divorced 2 years ago. He divorced his wife because she started drinking, and left the kids home alone while he was at work. In the court, SHE got the kids. He's the responsible one, with a full time job, making money, and yet she walks off with the kids, leaving them god knows where, while he keeps trying to take her to court, constantly trying to regain full custody of the kids. (It's look pretty grim for him though.)

That aside, women ARE physically weaker than men. A woman who does the exact same workout as a man, starting the exact same time and for the exact same length, will end up weaker over all, because of how women build muscle. It's a scientific fact. Women have to work a lot harder to "bulk up" than men do.. so it is a bit "unrealistic" for women to be 3048230498 times stronger than a man.

HOWEVER, we don't play games for their realism, so I think that thread is a bit silly. The forum though, after looking through it, seems like a pretty decent place. You're going to get the jerks/chauvinists, but the IDEA of the site is pretty OK. There are a lot of things that are unfair towards men today, but most people just shrug it off or ignore it completely, because "meh, they're men".

Sorry, I just had to say something. I feel like that site/the users are getting a lot of hate, and people are hating just because they can, just because we've been "brainwashed", in a sense, to automatically assume that men are wrong no matter what, and if they're not saying nice things about women, then they're wrong.. (I expect to get a bit of hate for this comment, but oh well. Equality means equality, not shift the balance of power from one to the other..)