These Might be the Creepiest Fingers On the PlayStation Move

A video popped up overnight showing a disembodied hand feeling stuff in the middle of a forest. It's a little creepy. But a little less so when you consider it might just be a strange new project for the PlayStation Move motion controller.


The video is labelled "Odd Forest", and there's speculation it's from Plastic, the demoscene crew who released Linger in Shadows on the PSN a few years back.


Why the Move links? Go to the 1:07 mark you can just see, off-camera, a PlayStation Move controller being wiggled around.

The cool thing about the clip is the way the hand, which you obviously control is "ragdoll" in a way, its fingers interacting gently and properly with the environment you move it over.

We've contacted Sony for comment, and will update if we hear back.

RUMOR | Mysterious Video Hints At Unannounced PlayStation Move Game [UPDATE: Makers Of Linger In Shadows Possibly Behind This] [iWaggle3D]


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Yeah, finger that tree. Oh yeah, just like that, mmmmm, don't sto-Oooh, yeah finger that bowl, and, and the bird, yeah. Rub all over that statue's face... oh, this is so hot.

"Fingerin' in the Forest": coming soon to PS Move