Probably because they're covered in suede!

Available for pre-order through Japan's Pokémon Center stores starting September 20, these limited edition New 3DS consoles come with suede faceplates stamped with Pokémon—Groudon for the red Groudon Edition, and Kyogre for the blue Kyogre Edition.

As you can see on the top image, the handhelds' front features each Pokémon's primal versions, while the back shows the, well, non-primal versions:

The consoles are so far only confirmed for Japan, where they will cost 19,000 yen ($177) each. Furthermore, even though they release on the same day as Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, November 21, they do not come bundled with copies of the games. They each include a custom home screen theme, however.


数量限定! 豪華プレート仕様のオリジナル「Newニンテンドー3DS(TM)」が早くも登場![Pokémon Japan]

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