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These LEGO Nintendo 64 Transformers Are Just Too Awesome

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We've shared LEGO Transformers made by New York-based artist Baron von Brunk before, and he's now back with some completely mind-bending stuff. He created not just one, but four authentic, near-perfect LEGO N64 components that can transform into various robots.


He named the Nintendo 64 unit Ultra Hexacon. His transformation cycle is similar to a Gen 2 Megatron. Below is the controller, Tetragon, and it totally reminds me of something from Beast Wars.


Baron von Brunk even added Goldeneye and Donkey Kong 64 cartridges that can be transformed into weapons and ammo. These two have their respective names too: Hot-Shot and Mecha Kong.

And here's the complete set.


For details and more photos, head over to Baron von Brunk's site:

LEGO Nintendo 64 Transformers by Baron von Brunk [Instructables]

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