These Interactive Video Game Dioramas Are Utterly Stunning

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Dear lord, the things people make on the internet.

The folks at Polycount (last seen here with their lively Team Fortress 2 art-redesign competition) have been hosting a contest called "VG Remix," in which contestants use Sketchfab to make 3D video-game dioramas. The results are nothing less than astonishing.

The examples below are picked from among the first few on a massive list:

Skyward Temple of Time by KartoonHead:


Canabalt by Adam:

Super Smash Bros. Brawl by CharlesL:


Dishonored by Azzamat:


General Chaosby JamesArk:


Amnesia: Dark Descent by Wild_Fire_1187:


BioShock Infinite by DanPaz3d:


There are so, so many more on the official thread. Kudos to everyone who made one of these.

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Baffling Blunderbuss

With the new re-design, putting a related article's picture next to the article's picture with the same size, same font, same everything is confusing. I just excitedly read a TF2 update article from 2010.

Plez desine gud, Gawkr.