These Guys Built a Fake Submarine to Play Submarine Games in

Let's say you want to play a Submarine game. No harm in that, it's a classic genre. You could just sit in front of a monitor. Maybe, if you were feeling up for it, slip on some headphones.


Which is fine, but it's a little pedestrian. Especially compared to these guys, who built a replica submarine to play submarine games on.

Rather than simply rig up an existing title, the guys made their own primitive game, that's played by using the actual controls and responding to feedback. For example, if a torpedo is incoming, players will be audibly warned, then you'll need to "pull handles" and "crank valves" in order to evade it.


If you screw up and get hit, the entire submarine rocks, "and a bunch of valves will break. You will then have to close them manually".

So. Cool.

Submarine Simulator [MAKE]

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what is "a game of submarines" ?