These Folks Made A Marshmallow-Firing Bazooka

For five or so years the people at the Marshmallow Fun Company have been making increasingly-sophisticated weaponry that shoots Marshmallows. For 24 hours since Toy Fair, I've been trying to recover from what happened at the end of this video.

The Marshmallow folks don't just make guns that shoot snacks. They have a comic book about these guns called Johnny Blaster's M-Force. And they wanted to have a video game. One of their Marshmallow folks told me yesterday that Red Mile Entertainment, the company that was working on a Sin City game before it shut down had also optioned the rights to make a marshmallow gun video game. But that deal is gone, the Marshmallow people told me.


I confirmed that, yes, the company is still interested in having a game made around their product. So EA, Activision and other big publishers, what are you waiting for? If you at least take a meeting with these people then you, like me, can sneak a marshmallow or too from the ammo jar.

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Is it just me or does their assault rifle look a lot like the assault rifle from the first Mass Effect??