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We may earn a commission from links on this page

These Eight Xbox Indie Games Will Rise This Summer

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A total of ten titles will make up the Indie Games Summer Uprising, representing the best titles Xbox Live's Indie Games has to offer. The first eight have been chosen. Let's take a look!

These initial eight games were chosen by independent developers to act as ambassadors for the Xbox Live Indie Games program to the gaming public at large. The final two will be picked by gamers during a special vote kicking off next month.


Check out what games made the cut, and then head over to the Indie Games Summer Uprising page to browse through contenders for the final two slots.

See anything you like?

Update: Somehow I wound up with the wrong list. It has since been fixed. Hooray for wrong lists.

T.E.C. 3001

Description: T.E.C. (Tesla Energy Collector) 3001 is 3D action single player game. You are guiding a robot through a virtual space to collect leftovers of energy for human kind. There are 20 levels and each one of them brings unique challenge to the player. Player will master in guiding a robot (T.E.C.) on level through series of trials and repetitions.


Use your grappling hook, walljumping, doublejumping and other acrobatic abilities to speedrun as quickly as possible across action-packed platforming levels.


Gather (up to) 3 of your friends and compete in a 4-player speedrunning spectacle! With all the players on the same screen, your goal is to out-run your friends so they fall off the screen. Do so by finding the best and quickest routes and by cleverly using weapons such as your grappling hook. With gameplay reminiscent of Mario Kart and Micro Machines, you're guaranteed to have a good time!

Take Arms

Description: Take Arms is a 2d multiplayer class-based shooter in development for Xbox Live Indie Games. Set in the near future, the world's two remaining super powers are at war, and both sides are nearly decimated. With their cities charred and ruined, each side is down to the last of their soldiers. The best of the best. The only ones able to survive. Join the fight in the final battles of this last great war!

Up to 8 players can fight it out over Xbox Live or System Link with three different playable classes and three game modes (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag). Before joining in the action online, practice it up with bots that support multiple difficulty levels and all game modes.


Description: Milkstone Studios proudly presents an epic 2D adventure of glory and vengeance!

Train Frontier Express

Description: Train Frontier Express is a stylized what-you-see-is-what-you-get landscape building and train driving game, based off model railroading. Build a world, then drive your train and enjoy the view.

Cute Things Dying Violently

Description: Flick hapless Critters around to get them safely out of each level! Dodge all sorts of lethal goodies like spikes, buzzsaws, and fire, and use a variety of wacky items to pull it off. Play through 60 mind-bending, reflex-testing singleplayer levels, 6 bloodthirsty challenge levels, and 1 murderous bucket-headed robot! Want more? Try out the local multiplayer and the built-in level editor.

Doom & Destiny

Description: Doom & Destiny is a conventional Japanese stye RPG with an unconventional mood. Strange events bring four friends in a fantasy world made of cliche, strange people and a lot of humor. Help them in the battle against the evil villain and to find their way home. The game is built as an interpreter to Enterbrain's RPG-Maker VX, the visuals are powered by an internally developed lighting and battle system, bloom and post production effects from Microsoft XNA samples and royalty free music from

Battle High: San Bruno

Description: A 2D fighting game that, though it was previously released, is coming out with a new build that hopefully fans and newcomers will enjoy alike. The game features retro-style 2D gameplay, 8 characters, and interesting mini-games as well as an original, lightly delivered story.


Update Description:
1. Rebalanced characters preventing gameplay-breaking infinite combos
2. Changed the game from standard def. to widescreen giving the game a new, more pleasing appearance
3. Scoring! Though the game scores cannot be shared online (in this build anyway) players are now given points during gameplay unlike the previous version
4. Mini-games. There are three new mini-games that offer new challenges and gameplay not offered in the previous version.
5. Updated art and music giving the game a more polished look