These Dudes Know How To Break It Down To Final Fantasy Music

Typically, when someone does an ode to Final Fantasy, they'll do stuff like fan art or fan fiction. Mikeosong has a more novel idea: choreography to go along with some of his favorite Final Fantasy themes—it's so good, you'd think it was something out of a boy band (my mind goes to K-Pop, but only because I've watched way too much of it).


Why choreography? His YouTube page says he's a dancer, so there you go. I'd watch other video game themed dances for sure, so hopefully he makes more.

FINAL FANTASY DANCE MODE (Final Fantasy VII & XIII Themes) [mikesong]



Mike Song is probably one of the best poppers out right now. He also did a dance to the Wii home music that you should check out if you haven't. His team got second on America's Best Dance Crew (I know that doesn't gain him a lot of credibility), but this guy is REALLY good.