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These Classics Deserve to Be On Sony's PlayStation Now Service

Illustration for article titled These Classics Deserve to Be On Sonys PlayStation Now Service

Look, Sony, all I want is to play Mark of Kri again. On my Vita this time. Whenever I want.


I'm not one of those folks who's held onto legacy video game hardware from eras gone by. So, when Sony announced their PlayStation Now streaming service yesterday and their intention to populate it with games from their systems' collective back-catalog, a sub-routine deep in my brain starting coming up with games I'd love to play again.


You've got to figure that some of the games that will wind up on PlayStation Now are givens, like Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, the God of War and Ratchet & Clank games. And, yes, many of these old PlayStation games are digitally available for PS3, including my beloved Mark of Kri. But, that doesn't necessarily mean that they'll be on PlayStation Now. Remember, the promise of the service is that you can have any PlayStation-released game streamed to your phone, if you wanted to. Someone needs to wave the Fua Toko Faahu flag so that Rau and his awesome feathered sidekick get on the streaming service. I vote me.

If you want to shout out a game from your PlayStation past, do so in the comments, using the following template. It's important to follow the template closely, as it'll make it easy for us to pull your comment out and possibly run it on the front page of Kotaku.

IMAGE [Pref 970x546] or GAMEPLAY VIDEO

Game Name

Original System: The original PlayStation system it was released on.

Why it deserves to be on PlayStation Now: Write your argument. Keep your first paragraph short and to the point.

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Mike Fahey

Bust-A-Groove (Bust-A-Move in Japan)


Why Bust-A-Groove deserves to be on PlayStation Now: Because it's the original dance battle game. Because it's one of the only dance battle games. Because it has wonderful music, simple gameplay, and a mouse named EZ-Mouse.