These Catherine Zippos Are Smokin'

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Can't get enough of the titillating title character of Catherine? Now Zippo is releasing Catherine and Katherine-themed lighters to really light your fire. I mean, get you hot. Erm, that is, they light up your night. Sorry, it's too easy to make bad puns with this one.


They're only for Japan for now, and currently can be pre-ordered from importers for 9,500 yen (about $120 USD). Just don't use them to smoke, kids!

Catherine Zippo Lighters! [8bitfix]



I haven't played the game, but I have a thing for hot nerdy women so Katherine all the way. Even if that's my mother's name and this is gonna be an extremely awkward game to play. I'll just scream a different name if they ever mention it

Hey there Ka-"

me: THY!