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These Boys Have Irked Idol Game Fans

The upcoming entry in Namco Bandai's idol simulator franchise features a boy band. Some fans of THE iDOLM@STER do not want a boy band in the game. They're not happy.

It's not only that Namco Bandai has shoehorned a boy band into THE iDOLM@STER 2 — it removed four female characters from the game to take their place.


Taking matters into their own hands, fans are sending a petition to Namco Bandai that include requests like the restoration of the four female idols and the removal of the boy band.


Eight thousand signatures is not that many signatures when one considers how many copies of the games have been sold. This seems like the vocal minority. Also, petitions by their very nature leave questions to whether or not every signature is authentic.

However, the series does have a hardcore (and loyal) fan base. The recent tweaks to the series has ruffled some feathers.


The petition is being sent by direct delivery, which means that the postal carrier will personally deliver it to Namco Bandai publicity office, ensuring that the petition is seen.

「アイマス2」署名8500件手渡し求め、ファンが内容証明送付 「キャラ4人育成可能にして」 [ITmedia News]

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