These Battlefield 3 T-Shirts Promote Class Warfare

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The world is a dangerous place, especially with all of these Battlefield 3 players running about. What if you run into one in an alley? Will he charge? Will he hang back and snipe? Will he repair your car? There's only one sure way to know: The official Battlefield 3 class t-shirts.

Now available for preorder at DICE's online store for $34.99 per shirt and, these lovely...wait, $34.99 a shirt? How the hell do they charge $35 for a t-shirt? *reads description* Branded black neck tape? Bah.

Support your favorite class with these new premium tees from the DICE Store [Battlefield Blog]


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coming soon to a thrift store bin for a small percentage of that price, at least here in Seattle where a lot of nerd gear gets recycled.