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These Battlefield 3 Prints Were Made For Your Walls

Illustration for article titled These emBattlefield 3/em Prints Were Made For Your Walls

You know that one sparse wall in your bedroom? Graphic designer Terry Mack has it covered. Literally.

In the making since January, these propaganda posters will motivate you to keep fighting the good fight in Battlefield 3.


The lighthearted jabs at some of the staples of publisher EA's vastly popular first-person shooter should be familiar if you've ever played even one round of the game.

Cool Battlefield 3 Posters [Reddit]

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One of my favorite things to do in Battlefield 3 is provide air support for my squad or teammates with the attack choppers. If they're yelling out to me which point they need help at I swoop in and just start blasting stuff away for them. It's also great to just hover/patrol the area and let my gunner mow down the infantry.

Why don't more people play like this? Those damn jets are in a world of their own a lot of the time.