Game designer Scott Jon Siegel is sick of trying to make good games. So he's collecting his thoughts on bad games. Only... his bad game ideas are better than most other people's good ideas.

They're ditching the whole "video" thing, they're games that take part in the real world, most of them relying on injuring and/or embarrassing other people/yourself.

Dancer in the Dark

Find a dark room.

Dark dark. Pitch black. Blindfolds don't count.

In this room, play the danciest music you have, as loud as you can.

The game ends when you injure yourself. Note when in the song you injured yourself.

Challenge friends to play the game, and injure themselves sooner.


Back as many projects on Kickstarter as possible, without spending any money.

In other words, back as many projects as possible, without any of them reaching their minimum funding goal.

Your streak ends when any project you've backed succeeds. Compete with friends for the highest Dropkicking streak.

There Will be Hugs

Two players begin by hugging in a public place. Make it a good hug. Not for the game. Just for yourselves.

Players then encourage passers-by to join the hug. The bigger the hug, the better!

The game ends when one of the huggers gets uncomfortable enough to leave the hug. That player loses. Everyone else wins.

What I like is that they're awful, but at the same time completely feasible.

Bad Game Ideas [Bad Games]